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Mama mit Neugeborenem

"Not only is the child born of the mother,
but also the mother through the child"

~ Getrude of le Fort

The time of pregnancy and birth require not only physical but also emotional high performance by the mother. And it doesn't matter whether it's your first or fourth child. Because every pregnancy and birth is individual.
The postpartum period, also known as the "baby honeymoon", is not only a time for physical recovery, but also the time for you as a mother to find your new role; a time of arrival and getting to know each other in the now new family constellation. The postpartum period should be perceived as an equally important part of becoming a mother as pregnancy and birth itself.

As a postpartum doula, I come to you and your family at home and care for and support you in everyday life where you need it. This way you can concentrate on your baby and your new role as a mother during this important phase of regenration and regression. These basic physical and emotional processes in the postpartum period prepare women for the transition to healthy and fulfilling motherhood, and the children and the entire family benefit from this as well.

Do you have a need? 

My job as a postpartum doula


Under certain circumstances, the costs for my work as a postpartum doula at your home will be covered by the statutory health insurance on a pro-rata basis or even completely. To do this, you must apply to your health insurance company for professional household help. The basis for the application is §24 h SGB V (household help during pregnancy and childbirth, without co-payment) or §38 of SGB V (household help after childbirth in the case of illness, with co-payment).


If the following conditions are met at the time of application, you are entitled to a postpartum doula (household help):

  • a medical certificate of necessity is available

  • there is at least one child under the age of 12 living in the household

  • you have statutory health insurance

  • no other person living in the household can continue to run the household (i.e. your partner must not have applied for parental leave or vacation during this time)

Your health insurance determs individually and depending on the indiciation the scope and duration of my work as a postpartum doula with you. I will take care of the billing with the health insurance companies. You only need to sign a document confirming the time I spend with you.

If you are privately insured, then talk to your health insurance company to find out to what extent they will subsidize or cover the costs for a postpartum doula. Of course, it is also possible to pay for my services privately and thus, for example, give the parents-to-be a certain number of hours of maternity care as a gift for the birth.

If you have any questions about applying to your health insurance company or booking a private service, I will be happy to support you.

Arrange a free initial consulation.


My work as a postpartum doula does not replace the work and tasks of a midwife in the postpartum period - the medical care and assessment of mother and child. Rather, my work starts where the midwife's activities end for time and organizational reasons and is therefore an ideal complement for you for the sensitive postpartum period.
In our neighboring country the Netherlands, for example, the postpartum doula ("kraamverzorgster") is a recognized professional funded by the state to support families for a few days after birth and to care for mother and child.

What customers say

Kundenfeedback Mütterpflege

“I was made aware of the possibility of maternity care by a friend during my pregnancy. The first contact with Rebecca was very nice and she supported me very well in the application process. Her intervention in my postpartum was very helpful after a nevertheless quite exhausting birth and second toddler at home. I can highly recommend Rebecca, like a good friend who accompanies you through the first days after birth."

Michaela (2nd child)

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