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Welcome, nice you are here!

I am Rebecca, born1986, and myself a mother of two cloth diaper children (born 2016 and 2019). Born in Hamburg I have been living in Berlin for more than ten years now.


That demands and desires of life change with the birth of your own children I have experienced this myself. And ultimately they have moved me to leave my profession as an engineer and reorganize myself professionally. Since 2020 I accompany families and especially women with my offers on their way through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. In addition to maternity care and cloth diaper counseling, I offer parents in my BellyBasic courses the opportunity to best prepare for the new life situation with baby.​


The name oliFUNt is a word creation from the terms elephant and fun. The elephant is not only my favorite animal but also symbolizes the village which is needed around the time of birth and early days with baby, because elephants are not alone neither at birth nor in the first time after. The elephant cow is actively supported by the whole herd when giving birth and caring for the baby elephant. The word fun stands for the joy I have in my work.

Whether you have just found out that you are expecting a child, you are already in the advanced pregnancy or your child is already born, I have the right offer for you and I look forward to hearing from you.



Cloth Diapers

2020 - Training at Stoffwindelakademie to become a cloth diaper consultant 

2020 - StoffyConline

2021 - Course "Achtsames Wickeln und Windelfrei von Anfang an" with Liane Emmersberger

Parent Courses

2021 - Training with EinfachEltern to become a BellyBasics teacher

Mütterpflege (Postpartum Doula)

2022 - Training at Weckmann Inst. of Medical & Healthcare Education to become a postpartum doula 

2022 - First aid for children course

2023 - Certificate course "Nutrition for pregnancy, the postpartum period and breastfeeding" with Professor Cordula Siegmann-Thoss

Parent Courses

2021 - Training with EinfachEltern to become a BellyBasics teacher

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