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Value of Cloth Diaper Consultation

You're probably wondering why you should spend money on a cloth diaper consultation when all the information is available for free on the internet.

Screenshot from how a personal cloth diaper consultation can look like showing some  cloth diapers and accessory
Cloth Diaper Consultation

This statement is, of course, initially correct. Ultimately, it's an individual decision whether to opt for a consultation or not, as is the case in many other aspects of life. I'd like to explain the added value of a consultation when it comes to cloth diapers.


The cloth diaper market has grown significantly and can be confusing and overwhelming for newcomers. As a cloth diaper consultant, I have undergone extensive training and certification as a sustainable and natural diapering expert at the Stoffwindelakademie. In addition to my experience using cloth diapers for my own two children, I possess in-depth theoretical knowledge of cloth diapers. I provide brand-independent advice and offer insights into the various cloth diapering systems, materials, and accessories available on the market, dispelling common misconceptions about cloth diapers.

Time Savings

Yes, a cloth diaper consultation does come with a cost. However, in a relatively short time, you receive all the essential information about cloth diapering presented in a concise and easily understandable manner. Conducting your own research would likely require a significant amount of time, which is not free either, and you might still have lingering questions due to the overwhelming amount of information. By opting for a cloth diaper consultation, you can use your valuable time elsewhere. Furthermore, by using a rental or trial package before purchasing your own cloth diapers, you can save valuable time and avoid expensive mistakes.


Following a consultation, you receive a summarized eBook of the consultation's content along with additional useful cloth diapering tips for reference whenever you need them. Additionally, the cloth diaper consultant remains available to answer questions and address problems related to cloth diapering even after the consultation, serving as a competent resource. If German is not your native language, some cloth diaper consultants offer their services in other languages – for instance, I can provide consultations in English.


Unfortunately, cloth diapers are not widely available in many local stores but are mainly sold through online shops. This means you miss out on the opportunity to feel the diaper in your hands before purchasing, which can be an important factor in your decision-making process. A cloth diaper consultant's inventory is extensive, encompassing all cloth diaper systems and materials from currently available manufacturers. This allows you to touch and try out different systems, models, materials, and accessories. With a diapering doll available in the consultant's inventory, parents can also practice using cloth diapers.

As you can see, there are many reasons why investing in a cloth diaper consultation is worthwhile. Many cloth diaper consultants offer their services both online and in person. If you're still looking for the right cloth diaper consultant in your area, you can visit

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